Long Legs Gold


Experience the warmth and romance of candlelight. Smell the wonderful scent when lighting your favorite candles. Imagine yourself in complete relaxation and tranquility with these specially designed Long Legs candlesticks® from Jasmin Djerzic. Besides evoking atmosphere and affection, these graceful stilts wonder and amaze. Because where do those legs actually come from? In any case, don’t let them run…

Indispensable in the Dutch landscape and an unusual creative burst from Mother Nature: the heron, inspiration for the Long Legs candlesticks. These different legs, one almost straight and the other with a striking bend, are 29 cm high and made of solid resin. The original gift box already contains two candles, so you can enjoy them immediately.

Legs on the table is not a logical choice. But that makes it special. And since they stand as a set, separate from each other and without the rest of the bird, it evokes a certain degree of surprise and encourages storytelling. Because where on earth do those legs come from…

Material: Resin + 24K goldluster
Dimensions: 30cm
Delivery time: 2-4 days (depending on country)

Price is per set of 2 candleholders include 2 candles.

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