Flower Power Axe


Check out these beautiful handcrafted items! The sword and ax are made of ceramic and are available in two colours: black and yellow. They are available as a set or separately. We deliver both the sword and the ax with mounting materials.

Where weapons normally evoke a feeling of fear and division, these unique pieces provide a completely different experience. The sword and the ax are provided with a small tube to display your favorite flower. And even if you don’t use them as a vase, the sturdy matte appearance ensures that they remind you of a toy from the past.

A sword and an ax. On the one hand a symbol for war and power, on the other hand for strength, courage and honour. While we as adults tend to see it as weapons, for children it is an expression of creativity and playfulness. And for me as a designer I wanted to work on those last feelings. By transforming the ‘weapons’ into a vase, it regains the creativity of a toy. And, where ‘weapons’ take a life, these items bring exactly the opposite: it makes sure a beautiful flower can live. The transformation between objects and meaning is what fascinates me in this.

Material: Ceramics
Dimensions: 35cm x 18cm

You can choose from 2 different colors below in the dropdown menu:
Black or yellow

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